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Enjoy their activities in a cheaper way

All members from Sevilla Intercambio, and any new friend who is coming to Seville, can meet new people, practice languages, and have fun from Wednesday to Saturday with Madride.

Our meetings are on Thursdays however you can enjoy Madride activities almost every single day.

If you want to join Madride to any of their activities in Seville you’ll get a small discount from Sevilla Intercambio. Just by showing this page on your mobile phone to their guides. More info about Madride:


Madride activities:

Pub Crawl

Pub Crawl

From Wednesday to Saturday, we take travellers, backpackers or people just looking for a good time to some of the citys coolest bars and clubs in SEVILLE.

1 € OFF

+info Pub Crawl

From Wednesday to Saturday, we meet for the Pub Crawl Seville at 10:30 pm by the TORRE DEL ORO (Tower of Gold) right next to the “Guadalquivir” river. Look for our MAD guides wearing the red t-shirt and holding the big yellow sign with the BEAR MADRIDE logo.

The advantages of going on the MADRIDE pub crawl SEVILLE is that you dont have to go looking for the best places to go out in the city, we do that for you! If you are new to SEVILLE, you will quickly realize that there are many tapas bars, but no an abundance of bars and clubs where you can dance. Our Pub crawl Seville aims to please by taking you to a variety of bars, all in the centre of the city, each providing a different atmospere and feel. We figure you are in Spain, so you must get a Spanish experience, as well of course some western style to keep the riders happy.

Free Walking Tour

Every day we explore different sides of SEVILLE by foot on a 3-hour walking tour with passionate local guides.

Plaza España Sevilla

This Tour is for Free

+info Free Walking Tour

If it is your first time in the South of Spain come to the free tour SEVILLE and let us guide you through the city. You’ll walk with passionate local guides and will learn the history of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe as you go walking through the hidden streets where buses can’t go and get to know the amazing stories, legends and anecdotes of this ancient place.

The free tour SEVILLE starts everyday at 11am by the TORRE DEL ORO (Tower of Gold) right next to the river. Look for our guides with the BEAR logo in the red t-shirt holding the big yellow sign.

Those are some of the sights we’ll cover on the free tour Seville:

  • The mythological foundation of the city by Hercules.
  • Romans period.
  • Muslin Empire.
  • La Giralda (Main Cathedral).
  • General Archive of the Indies.
  • Royal tobacco factory.
  • The majestic Plaza España and much more…

Triana Seville

Triana & Tapas

Enjoy typical snacks that Spanish people calls “tapas” while you explore one of the charismatic neighborhoods in Spain, TRIANA.

1 € OFF

+info Triana and Tapas

From Wednesday to Saturday at 8:00 pm there is a new tour. The meeting point for the Triana and Tapas tour is the TORRE DEL ORO (Tower of Gold) right next to the “Guadalquivir” river. Look for our guides wearing the red t-shirt ith the BEAR logo.


  • 2/3 hours walking tour around TRIANA.
  • 3 different tapas bar on the way.
  • Different tapas to share in each bar.
  • 1 drink in every bar.
  • 1 special drink at the end.
  • A lot of stories and legends.
  • 50% discount for the pub crawl.
  • The mos charismatic guides of the city.

While you are exploring the differnt streets of TRIANA and it’s different stories you also will earn the meaning and origin of this authentically Spanish way to eat, and feast on a variety of tasty dishes that Spanish people call “TAPAS”.


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